​​The fact is, our experts can utilize and enhance your factory supplied in-dash car stereo with vastly improved sound and additional features, such as Bluetooth hands-free capability, satellite radio or auxiliary inputs from an iOS®, Android™, Windows Mobile®, Kindle® or other portable device. Our technicians can also achieve greater flexibility of operating the system for how you choose to enjoy your audio experience.

Using the latest technologies in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipment and integration techniques, our installation technicians can utilize the factory stereo’s signal as a foundation for an amazing audio system upgrade. The flexibility of DSP, combined with the expertise of our years of experience in factory audio integration, allows for correction and enhancement of anything in the audio spectrum that the factory system’s audio signal lacks. Put simply, we know how to use advanced technology to create an amazing audio foundation from the factory stereo already in your vehicle.



​Todays vehicles have such advanced technology that the smallest mishap can easily become extreme when you don't properly integrate aftermarket equipment into your factory equipped vehicle. We hold a high value on continuing education, training, and having the best and newest technology available to out clients to best serve your needs and insure a safe issue free install into anything with any factory equipment.

​When you buy a vehicle its a large expense, you choose so many options from color to electronic components for your enjoyment. You shouldn't have to loose any options to get others upgraded. Our testing equipment is all seen as our investment in your vehicles. Along with constant training we are able to visually see the signals from your factory equipment and take all guess work out of what we do. 

Many newer vehicles have very sophisticated dashboards with integrated controls and displays, whether for audio, heating/AC, vehicle information or other functions. Often, we may not recommend replacing those controls and displays. Rather, we are experts in enhancing the sound of factory audio systems with increased amplifier power, upgraded speakers, adding or supplementing a subwoofer, adding sound processing, and much more. Our specialized tools and training allow us to effectively evaluate the existing sound system, offering you audio upgrade options for enhancing the sound that you will immediately recognize and enjoy. We don’t just change parts or add equipment. We design an appropriate enhancement to suit your listening preferences and your specific vehicle.

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